His Secret Obsession Review: Is This The Best Relationship Guide Ever?

New relationships are formed every single day, but, at the same time, thousands of couples break up as well.

While the blooming of a new relationship is often described as something magical that occurs between two people, a break up is often a very depressing moment in the lives of both individuals that were part of the relationship that came to an end.

Some couples are happier than others – and some last much longer than others.

There are many cases where two people break up for reasons that could have been solved easily, yet neither one of the individuals that were part of that relationship took the time or had the knowledge to implement the appropriate steps to save what they once had shared.

In this His Secret Obsession review, we will be taking a closer look at this program, authored by a relationship coach known as James Bauer.

We will consider what the program is all about, take a closer look at who James Bauer really is, and see if the program might be worth the investment – and, of course if your relationship could potentially be saved with a simple eBook.


Introducing His Secret Obsession: What Is This Program All About?

His Secret Obsession is an online program, deliverable in an eBook format that was developed by James Bauer.

The author of the program has been a professional relationship coach for more than a decade and has worked with thousands of women who experienced difficult situations with their male partners.

The program focuses on a female audience, as the author of this guide developed the eBook after he worked with a large number of women in the past and uncovered specific traits that were able to help women improve their relationship with their male partners.

The program was developed into multiple parts, which the author refers to as “phases” that are followed step-by-step in order to help you experience improvements in how your current relationship is turning out or to help you uncover ways to attract men more easily and, of course, more effectively.

James Bauer, the author of His Secret Obsession, promises to share with you some of the most important factors that he has uncovered during his years as a professional relationship coach.

By sharing all of these details with you, you are able to get an insight into ways that his clients were able to improve their relationships in the past.

For those who have had bad luck finding love in the past, the guide can help these individuals understand how they should approach a man and what really makes a man “fall” for them.

his secret obsession review

What Is Included With His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is an eBook system that is delivered to you following the purchase of the program.

While it may seem like a very basic package, it is important to take a closer look at what is included in the book and what you really get out of this program.

The eBook that is delivered to you when you buy access to His Secret Obsession is actually divided into two separate sections.

Both of these sections really plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall success of the advice provided and your ability to find what you will consider as true love.

The first section provides you with a range of tips, tricks, and advice sections that focus on helping you change the way that your relationship is currently “working.”

This section is good for those who are already in a relationship.

Perhaps you feel that your relationship has grown dull and that your boyfriend is no longer as interested in you as he was just a couple of months ago.

In addition to being a useful part of the book for those who are finding that their relationship is breaking apart, those women who feel that it is impossible for them to approach a man and then build a good relationship for them will also find this particular section exceptionally useful.

The topics covered in this section include:

  • The Secret Longing of Every Man
  • The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit
  • Make Him See the Light
  • The Fascination Trigger
  • Why Men Say “I’m Just Not Ready”
  • How Your Desires Can Fascinate Him
  • The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships
  • Rocket Fuel: How To Build Relationship Momentum Fast
  • How To Become His Obsession
  • Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More
  • Three Things That Can Go Wrong

The final topic is a very important part of this particular section of the eBook.

The topic will give you an explanation of three common issues that can come up in a relationship – especially when the couple has only recently started going out.

In addition to describing these problems, the author of the eBook also gives a clear overview of how these issues can be quickly addressed and fixed.

If you find that any one of these three issues are affecting your relationship at the moment, implementing the fixes could be an effective solution to bringing your relationship back on track.

The second part of His Secret Obsession eBook focuses on bringing about a higher level of chemistry in the relationship.

Many people find that the chemistry levels are high at the start of the relationship, but then quickly become diminished.

The six parts of the second section that you are given access to help to avoid such issues.

These sections include:

  • The Private Island
  • The “I Owe You”
  • The Glimpse Phrase
  • X-Ray Questions
  • The Damsel In Distress
  • The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships

It is important to note that everything in this eBook was developed to work together.

Simply implementing one of the steps that are outlined here and avoiding the others is not likely to produce real results that you might be looking for.

Instead, you are advised to go through each section carefully, and to start then implementing the advice in a step-after-step basis.

If you find that a step is not working out for you, go back to the book, take another look at the information provided, and see if there is anything that you might have missed.


his secret obsession reviews

What Are The Benefits Of His Secret Obsession?

As part of this His Secret Obsession review, we want to look at some of the benefits that people had experienced when they decided to implement the guidance provided by James Bauer in the guide.

There are actually a few benefits that we have noted among people who used the program before – it is, however, important to note that the majority of the benefits are only experienced by those individuals who actually put in the effort to follow through on what the author offers.

Let’s consider a couple of benefits associated with His Secret Obsession that you should be taking into account:

  • The program is delivered as an eBook. For many people, this is actually one of the main benefits. When ordering a physical book on an online site, shipping times can vary from about a couple of days to well over a month. Having to wait so long for a book that provides relationship advice can be devastating for a person who feels that they are in need of the advice at that particular moment – and they cannot wait. Once purchased, the customer is able to download the eBook immediately and will gain access to all the tips and the entire system without having to wait.
  • His Secret Obsession comes with a 60-day guarantee. This is another important benefit that should be noted, as many alternative programs do not offer a guarantee or only allows you to test the advice provided for a couple of days. With this program, you get to test the guidance for two months and ask for a refund if the advice that James offers you does not work in your own life.
  • The program is good for women who are in an existing relationship where she may feel that it is not what it used to be but, at the same time, women who are finding it difficult to find real love and happiness can also utilize the steps that are outlined in the eBook to improve their chances at a more successful relationship.
  • In addition to the main steps or “phases” that the program outlines, there are several points that help women understand common relationship programs made by people. In turn, women can give themselves the knowledge to avoid such mistakes, reducing their chances of ruining their own relationship.
  • The entire program was developed to be as easy as possible for any woman to follow. This helps to reduce complicated steps or terms that are sometimes found in relationship guides. When steps are kept simple, there is a greater chance that a woman who decides to buy the program will find success in what the author shares with them.
  • The program does not focus on a specific audience with a certain economic status or social status. Instead, any woman who wishes to find love or improve the overall health and status of her current relationship can fully utilize the information that is found in this guide.

Are There Any Drawbacks To His Secret Obsession?

While it is great to consider all of the potential benefits that you could gain from this particular program, it is important to also take into account any possible drawbacks.

We are here to provide an unbiased overview of His Secret Obsession, after all, so we need to be able to take any negative factors that may exist into account as well.

There are a couple of drawbacks that you may find when you do decide to invest in His Secret Obsession.

Let’s take a look at a few of these that you should consider before you decide to get your hands on the program and start implementing the steps provided in your own life:

  • The price of the product is one of the most common issues that many people tend to have. While it is certainly beneficial that there are no monthly fees and you are only expected to pay a one-time fee to buy the program, the price can be somewhat high for many people that might be interested in getting some advice for their relationship.
  • The program itself is relatively simple, but in order to implement the steps that are described inside the guide, many women would have to step out of their “comfort zone” and do things that they would usually not do in their life. This could feel risky or even frightening for some women. Even though results are “guaranteed” by the author of the program, not everyone will feel bold enough actually to go forth with all of the steps.
  • Since the entire guide was developed as a step-by-step system, it is crucial for people to implement the advice provided to them from start to finish. There are no “quick tips” that can be used, but rather an entire system that needs to be followed. If a person skips one of these steps, then they risk failure.

his secret obsession program reviews

Where To Buy His Secret Obsession By James Bauer?

If you are excited about the possible changes that His Secret Obsession may bring about your current relationship status or perhaps help you find new love in your life, then you might be wondering how you can go about getting your hands on this program.

First, it is important to note that the program is not available in any local bookstores like some other books that offer relationship advice.

You will not be able to go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of this book.

Instead, the author decided to keep the price low and to make delivery super simple by only offering the book as an electronic file.

To buy a copy of this book, you will need to visit the official website that represents the His Secret Obsession program.

You will be able to read more about the story of how James Bauer came to develop the program and other important details that can help you better understand the goal of the book.

When you are ready to buy the program and try it out for yourself, you simply click on the “Add to Cart” button.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there will be a button that reads “Unlock His Heart Today.” Either of these buttons can be used.

Once you click on this button, you will be taken to a page that will walk you through the checkout process.

Be sure to enter your correct email address in the form provided.

The order will usually be processed immediately after you have paid for the program.


How Much Does His Secret Obsession Cost And How Is The Program Delivered?

His Secret Obsession is a fairly priced product, considering the fact that the program was developed by a professional relationship coach who has more than a decade of experience in working with difficult relationship problems.

To gain access to the full program, a single, one-time fee of $47 will be charged.

This is beneficial as there are many online programs that offer relationship advice for a monthly fee.

These fees can quickly add up and lead to a more substantial expense from your side.

By only charging a one-time fee, it means you will be able to enjoy the advice provided by the program forever without the need to pay any additional fees in the future.

A benefit that a lot of people seem to enjoy when looking at His Secret Obsession program reviews is the fact that this is an electronic product.

There is no need to worry about having to wait several days or weeks following the ordering process before you will be receiving a book at your doorstep.

Instead, right after you place the order and pay for your copy of this program, the author will immediately send you a copy of the program in an eBook format to the email address you provided during the checkout process.

What Happens If You Are Not Happy With This Program?

One feature that is crucial to note about the His Secret Obsession program would be the money-back guarantee that is offered with the purchase of the book.

The reality of the situation is that every person is different, and in a similar way, each relationship is unique as well.

Thus, tips and tricks that are used to help saving a relationship may not pose a similar effect for another relationship.

For this reason, you may be skeptical about spending money on a program that might not give you real results when it comes to getting someone to, as the title of the program suggests.

This is exactly where the money-back guarantee comes into play.

His Secret Obsession comes with a 60-day guarantee.

During this time, you can download the book that comes as part of the program, go through all of the tips that the author provides, and implement them in your own life.

If you have an existing relationship, the program may help to save what is left of your relationship.

If not, then the tips can help you get a better chance of entering a more stable and happy relationship.

If you find that the advice offered to you in the program is not useful and does not provide you with any value within the first 60 days, then you can get in touch with the author of the program.

A full refund will be provided to you if you are not happy.

The refund will be made to the payment method that you initially used when you made the purchase of the program.


his secret obsession customer reviews

What Do Previous Customers Think About His Secret Obsession?

There are quite a large number of His Secret Obsession reviews already on the market, even though this particular program is still relatively new on the market.

This is fortunate, as it gives us a better chance at understanding how the program has helped other people overcome common issues in their relationship and improve the connection that they share with their partner.

The reviews and opinions that have been published regarding this particular product are mixed.

Some of the His Secret Obsession customer reviews on the internet are very positive, but, at the same time, we also found that there are some people who did not find that the product truly helped them experience an improvement in the “obsession” that their partner had with them.

When it comes to looking at the reviews on His Secret Obsession, it is important to take note of the fact that not every relationship is the same.

Every couple has their own unique situation, along with issues and related matters that are unique to that particular relationship.

This is why some people may report a significant improvement in their love lives, while others tend to explain that the program and the advice offered by the author, James Bauer, did not bring about many improvements in their current situation.


While the start of a relationship is a truly unique experience and falling in love is often considered the closest thing we as humans have to what is known as “magic,” the end of a relationship is a tragic experience.

Unfortunately, thousands of relationships come to an end each day for various reasons.

One particular problem is that a lot of these relationships end due to small issues that were brought up between the two.

With the right knowledge and skills at your disposal, it becomes easier to save a relationship that you deem worth saving.

There are many programs available today that promise to help you end those unnecessary fights, and turn the relationship around.

In this His Secret Obsession review, we looked at how a guide compiled by a relationship coach could be a useful resource for you.

We considered what the program offers, how you can get your hands on the book, and how much you will pay to get your hands on the advice provided by James Bauer.

If you’re ready to make a difference, you can get the complete ‘His Secret Obsession’ program by clicking here.

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