How To Seduce A Man With Your Words & Make Him Crave You Tonight

So you want to learn how to seduce a man with your words?

Well, there are many ways in which you can do that.

Seduction itself doesn’t promise any results.

The situations, the kind of man he is, and many other factors are also at play when you’re seducing someone.

Now, seduction might come easy to some while it might be extremely difficult for others.

If you want to seduce a man, one of the primary ingredients that you need is confidence.

And what’s the safest, least confidence-demanding way of seducing a man?

It’s speaking.

No need for gestures, suggestions, appearance, or direct dirty talk.

Speaking simple words can be massively seductive if you manage to bring a sexy whispering tone sometimes.

In a nutshell, words can be an easy way to seduce a man, but depending on the situation and the closeness both of you share, the words need to change.

1. Sincere Compliments

Compliments go a long way.

So, the next time you see him, compliment him on something that you genuinely find attractive.

A nice tie is not a good compliment for seducing him.

That’s not attractive for you.

Find something else, like his jawbone or muscular arms.

Also, if he’s in a distant state of mind, don’t pursue with your compliments.

Drop them, get a response, and break contact.

You can continue complimenting him some other time when he will respond better.

On the other end, if he’s engaged, then keep it on.

Directly reach the point where you tell how you find it attractive.

Always keep these in mind when you follow up with your compliment if he’s interested:

  • It’s not something that you’re speaking on others’ behalf. You’re not supplying him information or factual data from the world’s point of view. Make it your opinion.
  • Be clear that it’s something you find attractive and not just “good”. Often compliments might mean simple goodness in someone. Like if you tell him that he has a sexy collarbone and he talks to you for a bit after thanking you for the compliment, you need to get to the point quickly that it’s something that you’re finding insanely attractive.

2. Power & Intelligence

Both these things turn men on, the same as women.

If you display power, authority, and command when you speak to him, it will seduce him in his mind.

After that, you need to put in a little bit of extra work to get it working with him.

For example, talk that involves you being authoritative might not be good alone.

And too much authority can actually make him unfriendly.

Show your authority, dominance, and power in an indirect way.

Don’t specifically target him.

Just show your power.

The same goes for intelligence.

Why are we more seduced by persons with glasses?

It reflects smartness in our mind.

If you know what he likes, cares about, or is mad about (for example, a favorite band, a part of pop culture like a movie franchise or TV series, a game, a branch of science), it gets better.

You fine-tune your conversations in a way that reflects that you know about or are interesting in topics that he likes.

Once you’ve had your homework and background research, you can use it to indirectly let him know how much you know about that certain topic.

It’s basic psychology and people use psychological engineering all the time, everywhere.

They use it in job interviews, therapy, courts, and so on.

Flaunt your intelligence.

The more intelligent and smarter you look while talking on a topic like that, the more seduced he will be.


But always be cautious here.

Incomplete information is more dangerous than no information.

So, there’s always the risk that your plan will backfire on you.

Don’t make intelligence up.

Learn and then improvise.

If some parts are missing from the puzzle, it’s foolish to forget to simply admit that you’re in need of them.

Similarly, if you say something crucial about a topic like that and he asks something in return, be open to hearing his explanation as well and filling you in.

This also gets you both talking on a common topic, which is a different strategy that we cover next.

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3. Genuine Interest In A Shared Topic

The more detailed you can get about a topic that he cares deeply about, the more he will be waiting to talk to you.

Now, you don’t have to necessarily know a lot about a certain topic.

You can also flaunt your curiosity or interest in it, and let him handle the explanation.

As human beings, we tend to explain things we love and are passionate about in great detail if there’s someone willing to pay attention.

Once you’ve pinpointed a specific topic (or multiple), you can start discussing with him.

This helps build a special bond.

You also earn a place in his heart.

All this means that you’re soon going to be the first choice for him when it comes to talking.

Hear his favorite conspiracy theories, his ideas about a popular TV show, how much he loves watching a sport, and so on.

Now, we come to the point.

How do these words actually seduce him?

Of course, you need to mix up the real talk with suggestions and hints.

Get a little bit of flirting going.

It’s not difficult to bring up love, sex, body parts, etc. in conversations on popular topics at all.

If you mix things up the right way, you’re on the right track.

The more you talk, the more you seduce him.

Because if it was another guy talking to him about his favorite things, things would be different.

But you’re a woman who talks with him on a regular basis and lets him have a fun time with all his explanations.

In no time, he’ll be seduced and thinking about you the rest of the day as well.

Make this connection with him and then see how it actually seduces him without you even trying.

4. Fine Details

Talk about fine details of his life.

But don’t stalk him and then talk about fine details of what he tries to keep private.

Only observe what he does publicly.

Although men might like being stalked but I’m not really sure that all men would like it when they don’t have an initial affection for you or if they’re in a position of power.

When he knows that you observe him keenly, it will help your cause.

He’ll understand that you like him and it will work towards seducing him.

Now, he’ll be paying more attention to you.

For example, if you tell him how well he does a certain day-to-day task that’s seemingly very normal for people to do, he’ll remember you the next time he does that.

If you carefully and slowly build this up to the point where you have 2-3 such tasks that he remembers you while doing, you’re on the path of seducing him with your words.

5. Direct Talk

Sometimes, you need to be direct in your talking.

Words can only take you so far, so mix some gestures here and make your overall seduction pitch sexier by hints.

Usually, it’s better to engage in direct talk only when you have some positive indications from the man in question.

They could be simple smiles, a few times of flirting, or just genuine attention for your stories.

Otherwise, direct talk can easily backfire on you and make you two more distant than ever.

“I can be doing anything tonight but I want to do it with you.”.

Now, that’s a good direct sentence that will ask for attention as well as a suitable response.

If you have enough build-up with him, he’ll be totally seduced by the idea.

Make it a subtle suggestion and not a loud declaration for more effectiveness.

6. Openly Flirt With Words

You can always flirt, but that’s not really a way around most men who don’t appreciate the time you’re investing in them.

In that case, to make him forget everything else and be seduced by you, flirt with your words.

Certain seductive words stick around for longer than actions.

And everyone is used to flirting, so actions might even be boring sometimes.

You can ask him what he desires in bed.

It doesn’t have to be suggestive, but mildly teasing.

Make him turn red.

Have fun when you ask seemingly private questions but in a flirty manner.

You’re not asking these things to get in bed with him: that should be your mindset.

You’re teasing, having fun, and feeding your curiosity about him.

It’s innocent and sweet.

He’ll surely like it.

And over time, it will surely seduce him.

7. Make Him Imagine You Nude

Whenever a man imagines you nude, it automatically turns him on.

He might or might not be fantasizing about having sex with you, but the part where he imagines you without your clothes on is the part when he’s turned on like crazy.

So, use words to make him imagine that and ultimately seduce him.

You can do it in many ways.

Indirect or direct, casual or dirty talk, etc.

Some safe ways would be dropping certain hints during casual conversations.

For example, you can talk about what happened when you were taking a bath earlier in the morning or when you were trying out a new dress in a changing room in a mall.

These are more dependent on the subject of the conversation.

On the other hand, you can be direct and explicit as well, without implying anything.

For example, you can tell him how you don’t like the shackles of your bra at the end of a hot day and the first thing you do is undress when you go home.

Taking advice on what kind of lingerie to buy is also a good option, given that you two are close enough for that conversation.

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8. The Bra

Just like you saw above that talking about you being unclothed is a major turn-on, you should also know that talking about your bra, the one that you wear or are wearing, you can seduce him so much.

Lingerie and panties also come next to the bra here but aren’t quite as powerful.

The bra is your single most powerful tool in conversations if you want to seduce him.

At the same time, getting a random bra into a conversation is actually easier than steering a whole conversation towards the direction where you might talk about taking a bath earlier in the day to make him imagine you without your clothes.

Bras are powerful, harmless, and innocent.

Even if they’re secretly very suggestive, you can always pretend it’s casual to talk about them.


Depending on how close you are with the man, what you can say to him also changes.

For example, sometimes, your requirement might be to seduce a man whom you barely know.

There, you can’t really say anything that’s very suggestive or direct.

And yet sometimes, your requirement might be of seducing someone with whom you regularly share your bed with.

In those situations, you can be more direct – like “I want you now!” might be the right way of turning him on and seducing him when it’s hard to do otherwise.

There are a few general pointers that you should always keep in mind, no matter where you stand with him.

Always remember that confidence is key.

If a woman is not confident while talking to a man, men take it as a sign of weakness and your attractiveness will actually dampen.

Except if it’s happening in a situation where it’s legit like if you’re new in the office he works in, you’re new in town, or if you’re very shy in nature.

Speak with more confidence and show him that you’re the thing he should be desiring.

It’s not the other way around, at least make him believe that.

Although, don’t ignore him unnecessarily just to prove the point that he should be desiring you because some men can really get frustrated and stop contacting immediately if you ignore too much.

Certain things turn a man on instantly.

Making him imagine you naked or simply mentioning your bra are two of those things.

Sure, it depends on the situation actually whether there will be any effect or not but trust me, it’s one of the most powerful ways.

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