Innocent Words That Drive Your Man Wild

Every man craves to be a sex-god.

He wants to be a rockstar in the bed and he wants to feel it.

If you confirm that he’s indeed a rockstar, it will drive him wild.

As a result, he will put even more concentration and work into making you feel better.

Surprisingly, the stamina also peaks after listening to the innocent words that drive your man wild.

If you’re completely silent during lovemaking, it takes something away.

Sure, sounds count as a good pointer and come more naturally, but it’s about time you start experimenting with words to drive him wild.

Now, there can be two cases: you’re either trying to turn him on or you’re trying to turn him on even more while having sex.

In both situations, the words will change.

For example, you can’t really say “If we were alone right now, what would you do to me?”, which is immensely turning-on, especially that “do to me” part, when you’re having sex.

And while not having sex but sort of preparing for it, you can’t really say “Don’t stop!”, which is a huge morale-booster during sex but pointless otherwise.

In this piece, we’ll look at both types.

The during-sex type first.

So, what are the seemingly innocent words that drive your man wild and make him more willing to improve the experience for you, rather than him?

The General Rule

The general rule here is that whatever you say to make him yours and make him go wild, you can always sprinkle some curse words or explicit language on top to make the sentence feel sexier.

They love it!

Adding such language makes men more confident all the while adding a subtle boost to their performance.

Also, be open to new ideas that he might get when you say these words.

Some are open for interpretation, but never say anything remotely close to “no, that’s not what/how I meant!”.

This severely dampens the mood in the room.

And worse yet, that might lead to a weird apprehension whenever he gets a new idea to try in bed.

Let his imagination run wild with possibilities.

Keep the scenarios open-ended by not being too specific with your words or implying something too strictly.

Keep it vague, if possible.

Only when his imagination runs wild can his body run wild too.

And that’s what our ultimate goal is: making him go wild.

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“Don’t Stop!”

This is what men like to hear the most, trust me.

There are many variations of this seeming “command” that men love.

It could be rephrased to “right there,” “harder,” or an explicit “give it to me!”

All these commands truly turn men on and give them a boost of motivation to keep going and perform better.

What these commands do is show the man how much you’re enjoying it.

This is the pinnacle of what they expect: for you to enjoy them.

Don’t get me wrong here, they do somehow believe that they’re making you enjoy anyway.

But without strict, direct commands, something feels a bit off and out of place.

A well-placed command, no matter how short or simple, will make things way better.

For that reason, it’s also a good way of boosting his confidence because it confirms that he’s making you enjoy.

At the same time, it also affirms that you’re an active partner in making love, not an apathetic, passive element.

The more enthusiasm and interest you show, the better for both the partners.

“It Feels So Incredible”

When you say that he makes you feel incredible, there’s usually a layer of passion that you’re not touching upon.

Instead, say what, specifically and objectively, feels so incredible.

“You feel so incredible” is a good way to start, but nowhere near the limit of how could this sentence go about.

It can be about how “it” feels so incredible to you or how “he” feels so incredible, which both mean pretty much the same thing when you’re making love and he is inside you.

A good follow-up here is “big!”.

You can fit it in subtly but it will have a huge impact.

Feeling so incredible, as a result of it being big, is a huge morale-booster for the man.

Essentially, it touches upon the basic need of the man to outperform his competitors in matters that are more, well, physical.

They all want it big, and if you affirm it’s indeed big and that’s why you’re enjoying the time so much, it will make him go wild.

“I Love How Strong You Are”

You compliment him all the time.

How good he looks and how good his way is with you.

But when you’re making love, it’s an important factor for him to feel completely safe and sure about his strength.

Many men feel they might not be good enough for you in bed, while others are nervous that they might not be doing something the right way.

So, as important as it is to tell him that you are, indeed, enjoying him – it’s equally important to make him feel he’s strong.

This also helps in boosting the confidence, just like how telling him you’re enjoying him does.

And it’s very important to make him feel confident.

Only once he’s confident can he actually prepare to go wild.

It doesn’t happen without confidence.

And confirming his strength or helping him overcome the thought that he might not be “as strong as others” is a huge part of helping him attain that confidence.

Note that you’re not saying “You’re strong.”.

You’re implying that you know, fully well, that he’s strong and you like that.

This will help him overlook any kind of feeling that you’re saying it without meaning it.

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I Am So Turned On By You!” (Outside The Bedroom)

When you say that to him outside the bedroom and away from sex, it will make his belief stronger that you need him and desire him.

It’s a simple sentence with a lot of power when used in random, unrelated situations.

You can keep staring at him while he’s simply enjoying a coffee and after a brief pause, you throw the bombshell: “I’m so turned on by you.”.

Add a killer smile right after that.

The result might not be instant, but he will remember it, at least for a few days, and every time you have a go, he will be trying to impress you further because he doesn’t want you to feel otherwise now.

He always wants you to feel turned on by him.

It’s a huge compliment to him as well, which boosts his confidence in bed.

This is a very functional way of building intimacy with your partner.

Men use it all the time and it surely works.

What you didn’t know is that it works even more effectively when women use it for men.

“Just Looking At You In That Outfit Makes Me Wet”

This is a strong pre-sex phrase that turns a man on so much.

Instead of “outfit,” you can say what exactly is it: shirt, t-shirt, pant, underwear, and so on.

That’s up to you (and more to the situation, actually).

You can also openly mention it when the situation isn’t conductive like “I love it when you wear *outfit*”.

So, even if he’s not wearing the said outfit, it still gets the job done.

This clicks his brain in this way: Time to change.

And then time to have sex.

That’s simply because there’s no other way this could go, truly.

Also, you don’t have to say it makes you wet if you’re not comfortable or if it sounds a bit too direct or uncalled-for.

You can replace it with “turns me on” for a lighter alternative.

Using innocent words that will turn him on is part of seduction,

“I Love You”

Don’t underestimate the power of the good, old-fashioned “I love you!” during love-making.

This is the single most powerful tool to unlocking his true potential.

He wants to know that you love him, and he probably knows that, but when you say that at the peak of the action, it means more than that.

It means you enjoy him, you like what he does to you, you like the way he does it to you, and so on.

The “I love you!” can be the most profound phrase to speak while having sex.

It basically vocalizes your desire for him.

When he knows that you desire him, it will really help him concentrate more on your pleasure.

When it comes to saying stuff to make him go wild, “I love you!” still hasn’t lost its meaning, no matter how many times we say it throughout the day, mostly for things like ice-creams and pizza.

Up For Interpretation

This goes during both, sex and foreplay.

Tell him some vague thing that will free him up to use his own interpretation.

For example, tell him about a dream you saw last night where he did something new or crazy to you.

It’s highly open to interpretation and brings out the passionate lover in your man.

He will automatically assert that it made you feel extremely good, that’s why you’re talking about it now.

And after that point, it’s a ride of going wild.

Sure, he will ask what was it.

And it actually helps to keep a few ideas in the back of your mind, just in case your plan backfires and he quickly becomes nervous about what he’s going to do is not what you’ll appreciate, and what you saw in your dream could’ve been completely unrelated.

Now, let’s get real here, there was no actual dream.

So, it’s a nice idea to have clues that you can keep dropping, as you seemingly remember the details, but always let the ball stay in his court.

This will keep him ready to make the next moves.

If you see him get tangled in the process of figuring out whether he’s doing the right thing, drop a clue that keeps him there but still gives him room to explore and do what he wishes.

Once he feels that freedom, it will be a joy ride.

These words will liberate him and make him go crazy in no time when he starts experimenting around and you start enjoying it.

And Lastly, The Whispers

Whispers are always important.

They have a sexy vibe that drives any man crazy (just like women!).

There will be things that rile you up, just be clear about those and whisper them in his ear.

For example, you saw him make breakfast in the morning from behind.

Now, you two are close together.

Use this in a way like, “that made me so horny that I skipped underwear today” or “even the way you make breakfast without your shirt on makes me horny.”

When you whisper these words in his ear, it will make him go wild because these are real cases and they compliment his pursuit of being sexy and necessary for you.

How To Seduce A Man With Your Words & Make Him Crave You Tonight


No matter what you say, don’t be too specific and try to keep things open for interpretation.

Never tell him he’s doing something the wrong way if he puts his own imagination to use after you give him a vague hint of what you like or a vague command.

Phrases like “Don’t stop!,” “You/It feels so incredible.” or “I love how strong you are.” are really good in bed.

Remember, your aim is to make him feel confident, safe, and comfortable so that he is free to go crazy.

Phrases like “I’m so turned on by you,” “Just looking at you in that *outfit* makes me wet,” and other things that are more open to interpretation are always a good thing to get the heat up, usually outside the bedroom and before diving right into it, so that he goes wild, at least in his head, before he does the same in bed.

A simple “I love you!” during sex and whispering, both work extremely effectively if you place and pace them the right way.

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