Language Of Desire Review: A Complete Buyer’s Guide For Women

The beginning of a relationship is often full of sparks, and let’s not forget all of those intimate moments shared in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, this connection that you share with your partner tends to slow down after just a couple of months.

As the two of you grow “fond” of each other, you have less sex, and you make less time for each other.

These are common issues in relationships, especially when you take the busy lives that we are all leading today into consideration.

One study, conducted among a group of over 20,000 couples, found that only about 26% of couples continue to have sex at least once every month after being together for a few years.

This is a strong contributor to the fact that almost half of all marriages will not survive it past the first 10-year mark.

One publication explains that there are as many as 100 divorced happening in the United States every single hour.

Now that we have taken a look at these facts and statistics let’s bring our attention over to the main topic of this post.

In this Language of Desire review, we are going to take a closer look at what the program is all about.

The author behind the program promises to help you learn specific phrases and techniques that will help to reignite that spark that was there once – and get your man to desire you again just like he did when the two of you first met.


What Is Language Of Desire All About?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what the program is all about before I go further with this review.

Language of Desire is an online program that is broken down into multiple sections.

The idea behind the program is to teach women a couple of phrases that the author of the program, Felicity Keith, developed herself.

the language of desire reviews

Felicity went through a time where her partner asked her to “talk dirty” to her during sex.

She felt unsure about what to say and ended up ruining that moment.

She later caught her partner watching porn on a computer.

Instead of ignoring the problem or bursting out in anger, Felicity decided to take action from her side.

She started to talk to psychologists, read through blog posts, books, and she accessed many other resources – the goal here was to better understand the mind of a man.

She started to make small discoveries that she was able to quickly link up together.

This is what ultimately led her to develop this book.

After learning more about how the male brain works, she tried it out herself – and that gave her and her partner a new type of connection during sex.

Felicity’s friends became interested in what she learned during all of the research she did, and they too implemented the advice given to them.

After a number of friends complemented Felicity on these tips, she decided to share her findings and the phrases that she developed during this time with the world.

This is where the Language of Desire came from – a book that contains all of these “secrets” to the male brain that Felicity was able to uncover.

She even tested everything herself to confirm that they are effective at producing real results.

reviews on the language of desire

What Is Included With The Language Of Desire Program?

When you decide to invest in this program, the main material that you will be receiving is, of course, the ebook titled Language of Desire.

This is the primary item that comes part of the program and is what everything is about.

In the ebook, you will learn about how Felicity went to discover more about how the male brain works and how you can also utilize this to your advantage – in such a way that your partner will start to desire you more and only have eyes for you.

The secret phrases are easy to learn, and you can whisper them in his ear at any time, turning on his masculinity and his desire for you.

This is not all that comes as part of your purchase, however.

When you gain access to the online platform where the ebook can be downloaded, you will notice that an audiobook version of the program is also available.

If you prefer to listen to the advice provided by Felicity instead of reading it, then download the audiobook files.

You can upload them to your smartphone and listen to them whenever you have some spare time.

Felicity also decided to throw in three bonus ebooks with the purchase of the program.

Once you access the download area of the ebook, you will notice these three ebooks are also available here:

  • Silent Seduction – Probably something you can consider the opposite of the main ebook. This book tells you how you can make your partner have a desire for you without even having to use any words.
  • Unstoppable Confidence – A book that tells you how to become more confident when you are around men and how you can tap into your own feminine vulnerability to be more attractive to your partner.
  • The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty – A series of text messages that can help you spice things up and create a desire early in the day, playing it up all day long until your partner gets home.

language of desire program review


Does Language Of Desire Really Work? 

We’ve looked at what the Language of Desire is – so now the question that remains is – does the program actually work.

All the promises that are often made by these programs tend to seem too good to be true in many cases.

A good idea would be to visit the official landing page yourself and have a look at what Felicity has to say.

She explains the entire story of how she started to develop the program.

A lot of people can connect to the story that Felicity shares on the landing page and this is what essentially gives you an idea of what she had to go through to develop this system so that you can get a spark back into your own relationship.

Now, no matter how good of a story she is able to tell, you still want to know if the program actually works.

The tips that are shared in the ebook that you can download after buying the program are really helpful.

There are multiple phrases that Felicity introduces you to, and she explains exactly how to use each of them.

The book is detailed and gives you a complete walkthrough of what you need to do if you wish to have the same experience as she did – the positive side of her story, of course.

At the same time, not every relationship is the same.

This is something you should really keep in mind when you read through the book.

It might work for one person and then yield ineffective results for the next.

You would really have to consider your particular situation, take a closer look at what Felicity shares in the book, and think about whether or not these tips may be practical for your relationship.

What Are The Benefits Of This Program?

Now that we have considered what the program is and what is included let’s move on to take a look at a couple of benefits that you should expect from the Language of Desire program.

Now, it should be noted here that not every person is the same.

The benefits that you personally find the program offers you may differ from a friend’s thoughts, but I want to consider a couple of general advantages that you can expect.

  • One of the best features is the fact that the product comes as a digital download. There is no need to run out to a local bookstore and ask for a book as sensitive as this one. Instead, you can buy the product confidentially, and nobody would ever even know that you read it.
  • The program does not contain just some random advice. The author of the program, Felicity Keith, went through a difficult time in her own relationship and spent a considerable amount of effort, resources, and time to compile this guide.
  • The book consists of multiple modules that you can follow in order to achieve specific results. You can decide if you want to follow all of them or rather only implement a couple of the steps or phrases that Felicity introduces you to.
  • The program comes with three additional bonuses that further extends the possibilities you will be able to achieve. These bonuses will help you learn additional tips and tricks that can help you effectively seduce your man and increase his desire for you.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offered with the purchase of the program. At any point during this time, you can get in touch with the author and request a refund if you do not feel completely happy with what has been shared with you in the main ebook that comes as part of the purchase.


Are There Any Drawbacks To Consider?

This review is unbiased.

I do not only want to share the good about the program with you, but also consider if there are any drawbacks.

After carefully looking at what the program has to offer, analyzing the book ourselves, and considering reviews left by other people on the internet, I noted two particular drawbacks that I want to mention here.

The first drawback would be the price.

For some people who are looking to spark up their relationship in the bedroom, investing this amount of money into a digital program might be too much.

It should, however, be noted that the program does include a lot of valuable tips and material, and you get a 60-day period to test the program and ask for a refund if you are not happy.

A second drawback that I also want to note would be regarding the actual tips that are shared in the book.

While some women may not have any problem implementing these steps into their own lives and relationships, there are some women who may not feel daring enough to do so.

Thus, carefully consider if you are willing to kick things up a notch and maybe even say some things that you never thought you would say before you do decide to invest in the program.

How Much Does The Language Of Desire Program Cost?

There are actually quite a large variety of programs available that promises to help you put the romance back into your relationship.

Some of these programs can be quite costly.

Those that are cheap sometimes only contain a few tips that are not truly useful.

The Language of Desire program has a fair price.

It is certainly not overpriced as some of the other programs that I have seen.

It is also not the cheapest out there, but it delivers useful content that you can take advantage of, so this is something to be taken into account.

It is also important to note that the program comes with an audiobook version of the main ebook.

Additionally, you also get access to bonus materials that will further help you spice up your sex life and your relationship.

The entire program, with all of the content that I mentioned above, can be picked up for a one-time price of $47.

There are no additional charges for shipping, handling, or administration fees.

This is the only amount that you will be paying to gain full access to the program, including a PDF version of the book, audiobook formats, and the exciting bonuses.

How Is The Program Delivered To You?

When looking to buy a copy of this book, it is important to understand that you are not going to be able to walk out of a local bookstore with a copy in your hand.

The program is not available in a physical format – and while some people do prefer to have a copy of a book in their hands to read, the fact that this is a digital product is actually an advantage.

First of all, the cost of a digital ebook is usually lower than what you would pay for a similar product in a local bookstore – this is because the author does not have any costs for printing physical copies of the book.

There are two other major advantages that come to mind in this case.

First, not everyone would be comfortable walking into a bookstore and asking for this type of book.

It is usually a sensitive topic.

When you order the book online, it means there is no waiting time for the delivery, and you do not have to worry about stock.

A local bookstore can run out of stock – but an online website that delivers a digital copy of the ebook will always have one ready for you.

The delivery of the ebook is relatively simple and straightforward.

You simply need to complete your purchase.

Once done, you will receive an email that contains a link that you can use to download the ebook in a PDF format. In addition to downloading the PDF version of the book, be sure to explore the platform a bit.

You will find that Felicity has also made the book available in MP3 format.

This gives you a chance to sit back and relax while listening to the program instead of having to read it yourself.

Where To Buy The Language Of Desire Program?

As noted, the Language of Desire program is not available in local stores.

Instead, this is a digital program that you will need to buy on the internet.

The official book is only available on the landing page that represents the product.

Make sure when you land on the page that it is the correct one and that the page is secured.

The author has included an SSL certificate on the website to help keep your private information safe from prying eyes – this way, you can enter your credit card details to proceed with the payment without having to worry about your data being stolen.


Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

While there are many people who have had luck with the Language of Desire program, not everyone may experience the same results.

Some may find the advice offered by Felicity irrelevant to their situation or perhaps they are not daring enough to take action and implement the tips that have been shared with them.

For these reasons, it is common to feel skeptical about a program like this.

You have to invest almost $50 in an ebook – and if it doesn’t work, does that mean you have just thrown away money that could have been spent on something more valuable?

Fortunately, this is not the case with the Language of Desire program.

Felicity wants you to experience the benefits that she gained from implementing the very same advice that she is offering in this ebook.

If you are not happy with the product for any reason, she is willing to give you a full refund.

The program comes with a 60-day guarantee.

During this period, you can read through the content and implement these phrases into your own relationship.

See if they work for you.

If they do, then continue using the tips and techniques that Felicity shares with you.

If you do not like what you read or you find that these phrases do not work for you when you try them on your partner, then simply get in touch with Felicity, and she’ll issue a full refund to you.

What Are People Saying About This Program?

When it comes to considering a program like this one, you may not be sure if it is a wise investment.

Sure, the 60-day money back guarantee is useful, but you do not want to end up with advice that will rather drive your partner away from you.

This is where customer reviews can come in handy.

By looking at the Language of Desire reviews that are found all over the internet, you can get a better idea of what to expect – and understand if the program might be right for you.

I looked at many reviews on Language of Desire to see if the program is actually helping people.

What I found is that there are many real-life case studies of women implementing the phrases and the techniques that Felicity shares in the ebook – and they have found that it gave them back the spark that they longed for in their relationship. Of course, opinions are mixed.

does language of desire really work

There are some women who mention that they were not willing to actually follow all of the steps that are mentioned in the guide.

In the end, at least giving the ebook a read is a good idea.

You do not have to implement anything if you do not feel comfortable with it – and if you do feel like the information is worthless to you, simply as for a refund.



In this Language of review, I looked at a program compiled by someone who experienced a loss of passion in her own relationship.

She was devastated when she caught her husband masturbating soon after having sex with him, but realized that she had to do something.

This led to a lot of research and the development of a system that she tested herself.

I looked at how this program could benefit you, considered some potential drawbacks, and I also shared how you can get your hands on the ebook in this review.

Now you simply need to grab the ebook, read through the content, and start implementing these phrases in your own love life.

To get started, you can visit the official website by clicking here.

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