What Makes A Man Commit And Fall In Love: #3 Will Surprise You

There are certain traits that men desire more than anything else.

When you give them what they desire, they will eventually fall in love.

And when they see more and more of their favorite traits, they will be willing to commit.

However, when you asked what makes a man commit and fall in love, you should know that there’s not really any technique that works for everyone in every situation.

You need to crack the code about what a man desires and how you can best give it to him.

When he sees something he desires badly, he will fall madly in love with you.

And that leads to him committing to you.

So, how do you make a man you really like fall in love and commit?

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1. Being Honest

Being honest is the best way to win a man’s heart.

When you’re completely honest with him, it shows that you’re ready to open up on anything.

This is a great thing to have when you’re trying to make a man fall in love with you.

Honesty is very important in a relationship and if a man sees that you have it in you, he will quickly fall for you.

Give him glimpses of your past, share secrets, and talk about things you don’t talk about with others generally.

2. Accepting Him For Who He Is

You need to let him know that no changes are necessary in regards to his behavior or lifestyle.

He can continue being the way he is.

Every man feels that he might have faults but it’s not okay for anyone else to try and change him.

Women are always blamed for trying to change men.

This is something every man believes even if he hasn’t witnessed anything like that happen to him.

So, don’t give him the chance to believe that.

Simple as that.

Let him know that you won’t be changing anything in him.

It’s often a good idea to openly talk about not changing him so that he knows it quite directly.

Always remind him that you have no interest in changing him and you love him the way he is.

You might ask, what if something that he does emotionally or otherwise hurts you?

He will respond to it by trying to bring the change himself and you can support him from then on.

Or if he asks for your help, you can always lend it.

But don’t try to change him by telling him something directly.

It will immensely help your cause when you explicitly state that you’re not going to change him in any way.

You’re totally comfortable with the kind of man he is.

This will make him commit to you in no time.

Being Good At Cooking

It might sound wrong and outdated, but it actually increases your chance if you know how to cook.

Cooking good food somehow sends the man a signal that you will be good for his future.

It’s not just about having something tasty to eat all the time.

You might still be ordering food every time.

But if you know how to cook food, it works as a great advantage for you.

He will tell his friends about it and always keep that fact in the back of his mind.

Men love women who can cook well.

This also makes them be more prepared to commit, making them feel they have a good weapon in their arsenal to show off.

4. Protecting And Providing

It’s very important to let your man know that you’re willing to be the provider and protector.

It also might seem extremely narrow and outdated, but it’s actually a respectable thing about men.

Anything negative that stems from this are wrong.

But as long as a man feels that he should be providing for you, it means he simply has a mentality that focuses on accomplishing his priorities.

For example, there are certain points in every man’s life that he foresees to reach.

It’s like unlocking an achievement for him.

It can be reaching a particular income, having a particular asset, having the experience of something special, reaching a specific social status, and so on.

These milestones are not easy to reach but men are more set on achieving these materialistic goals than women.

And with this comes financial stability.

They like to be financially stable.

This leads to them believing that they need to provide for the woman that they fall in love with, otherwise something will not work out.

This doesn’t need to be the case in the end, but that’s how he feels.

If you let him feel that he can provide for you, it will be really conducive to your cause.

5. Giving Him Space

Space is what a man needs.

And men who have not been with many women might not understand this, but most others do.

They are looking for a partner who is willing to give them the space and freedom that they need.

The situation isn’t rare when he’ll phase out and won’t be as attentive to you as he once was.

But you should not worry at this point.

He will come around.

What you need to do is give him some space to sort things out, even if there is nothing to sort, really.

Men tend to lapse into phases when they don’t respond actively to you, but might be responding normally to everything else.

Don’t be turned off.

Don’t start believing that he doesn’t love you any more or that his interest in you is slowly fading.

All this means is that he needs a little bit of time before coming back to his normal self.

6. Having A Shared Interest 

This is extremely crucial.

A lot of women invest a lot of time learning new “tricks” to please men.

They go to extreme lengths.

But they don’t actually work on learning something new that doesn’t capture the interest of whom they pursue.

Having a strong shared interest helps you out in innumerable ways on your path to make him fall in love with you and commit to you.

First of all, it makes you the first person he thinks about when he needs someone to talk to.

Second, it helps him feel better by sharing something.

You become one of his closest friends when he talks to you often and that’s a stepping stone in making him love you.

7. Appreciating Him For How Valuable And Useful He Is 

Everyone wants to feel special and useful.

Men love it when they are asked for help.

However, don’t try to make him feel that you’re taking advantage of him.

This is going to be a huge deal-breaker.

Complimenting him is also a good way to win his heart.

Don’t over-compliment.

Just be to the point.

Make him feel important.

He’s necessary, not just for you, but for the people around him.

Some men are very humble and might not find it attractive when you say that they are very necessary for people around them.

Pull back a bit if that happens.

Compliment him personally more in that case.

It’s equally important to actually feel it when you compliment him.

It’s a great way to keep things natural and well-paced.

Tell him what you truly feel that shines about him or what makes him such a great man.

When you truly feel something, it shows, and that wins his heart, making him fall in love with you.

8. Becoming A Valuable Addition To His Life

Now, this is the final tip.

When he sees that you’re a valuable addition to his life, he will totally see his future with you.

You need to make his life better by being in it.

When he feels happy by being around you, he will keep trying to make up reasons to see you.

He will keep thinking about going on the next date or how his approach needs to be when you are together next time.

To keep him invested, you must make him feel happy.

Sharing positive experiences is a good way to boost his happiness and encourage the feeling that he needs you around him.

There are many kinds of positive experiences: doing something he always wished for, sharing an experience that was fun and enjoyable for both of you, making a plan on instinct without thinking about it, and so on.

All these positive experiences amplify the happiness that he feels when he is around you.

Friends are really crucial in situations of this kind.

Having a fun time with his friends, your friends, or your common friends might end up being a greatly positive experience for him (and you too).

Just remember to keep yourself invested in him so that whenever he reminisces about that positive experience, he remembers you as an integral part of it.

Best case: you actually made the plan and brought everyone together.

The plan, as fun as it was, was possible only due to your efforts.

A quick tip: human beings associate first impressions with excitement if the engagement was thrilling.

The thrill is a huge part of the man connecting you with happiness when he remembers you.

Make your next date (if not the first) a roller coaster ride, like literally, if possible.

Going to watch a suspense thriller movie, going to a theme park, playing sports together, or visiting a convention that excites him are some good alternatives.

The more thrill and adrenaline, the better.

When your major engagements are thrilling, he will associate you with excitement and will be willing to have another blast with you – making him commit to you for the rest of his life.

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So, in a nutshell, a man is a hard being to crack.

But there surely are ways that answer your question to what makes a man commit and fall in love.

The process might be slow but it’s very much possible if you approach it with wit.

Here’s a quick summary of all the things you can do to make him fall in love with you and commit to you:

  • Being honest is very important, so let him know that you’re ready to open up to him. 

  • Don’t try to change him in any way (and let him know that, explicitly). 

  • Know how to cook tasty food (you won’t be cooking every day, it’s just something that gives you an advantage). 

  • Let him know that he can protect you and provide for you if the need arises. 

  • Be willing to give him space and freedom when he needs it, don’t bother when he wants to stay away silently. 

  • Have a strong shared interest with him that you can always chat about. 

  • Let him know that he is valuable and useful, always appreciate him about that (don’t make it just about you, let him know how useful he is even for others around him or you). 

  • Make sure that he believes that you’re an important addition to his life and that he feels happy whenever he’s around you (it will keep him coming back for more positive experiences together). 

Making him stay committed is equally important.

If you make him fall in love with you and commit, that’s not the full extent of what you need to do.

Winning his heart is actually easier than making him stay committed.

That kind of commitment comes when you’re ready to invest your time for the benefit of your relationship.

It might entail letting him chase you a bit, but it all boils down to becoming his best friend so that there’s nowhere else he can go if he feels out of place.

He will come back in case something goes wrong.

If you follow all the steps mentioned here, it will be easy because you now have a strong shared interest, you’re honest to him, you won’t change him, and so on.

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