9 Obsession Phrases To Use On A Man That Will Make Him Melt Like Butter

Don’t you love it when your man uses affectionate phrases and makes you feel loved?

It can just be what you’ve needed to hear after a long, hard day.

In fact, it makes you feel more in love with your boyfriend, right?

While men may act all tough and pretend as if nothing bothers them, men secretly like it when you use love phrases towards them too.

It can make them feel content, know that it’s mutual love and help your bond grow stronger.

Simple words can invoke an emotional response that makes your love deep and meaningful.

So, you’re probably thinking; “what are some obsession phrases that I can say to my boyfriend or husband?”.

Perhaps, you’ve only gone for a couple of dates with him however, there are words you can still use to make him want you even more.

I’m going to give you a bunch of them in this post so you can try using them to see which one works.

What Are Emotional Trigger Phrases?

Essentially, any obsession phrases should have an emotional trigger in order for them to work.

This means that they should be phrases that create an emotional response from a man.

In other words, it will make them act more loving and affectionate towards you because your communication encourages this without them realizing.

It sets off an emotional response from the man subconsciously.

Your man won’t know what’s happening, but they’re becoming obsessed with you more than they ever did before.

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9 Obsession Phrases To Use On A Man

Below are all of the phrases that I have selected that will create an emotional response.

Check them out so you can try them today and see if they work for you.

Always be open-minded about them.

1. “I’m Proud of You”

Do you want to make your man feel good about himself and love you at the same time?

Try telling him that you’re proud of him.

If he’s had a promotion at work after working hard or even done anything special, you should tell him how proud you are of him.

Men like to be complimented too and this could make his day.

Why not pair this with a special meal or date night?

This is sure to make him appreciate you more with even realizing it.

He’ll also feel very proud of himself and want to achieve more to get the same reaction from you again.

Image of a woman using obsession phrases on a man.

2. “You Make Me the Happiest Ever”

Ultimately, men want to make their girlfriend or wife happy and for the relationship to be different from previous partners.

They want to please and sometimes they need a reminder that you love them and love spending time with them.

Every so often, let your man know that he makes you feel happy.

This can make him feel on top of the world and become more attracted to you.

It will also motivate him to continue to make you happy and make you feel good. So, everyone is a winner!

3. “I love it When You…”

A lot of the time, women are quick to tell men when they’re wrong about something or not doing it right.

But this can really zap a man of his confidence and deflate his ego.

This is definitely not something you want to do if you want your man to be obsessed and in love with you, right?

So, it’s time to make the effort and tell your man when he’s doing something right.

Using the phrase “I love it when you” do something can make them feel good.

Love is a strong emotive word and a man likes it when you’re confident and know what you want.

They’ll find it attractive and encouraging when you tell them you love something they’re doing.

One thing’s for sure; they’ll definitely keep doing it!

4. “I Can’t Wait to Spend Time with You”

Everyone loves date night.

But sometimes you have to remind your boyfriend that you do.

Before you meet each other, why not tell them you can’t wait to see them and spend time together?

This can give them a boost and make them more excited for the night ahead.

This is a subtle obsession phrase that could really make a difference.

Sometimes men need a reminder that you’re only interested in them and nobody else.

This could be a phrase that can make them feel loved and secure.

When your man feels like this, he’ll love you even more.

5. “You Make Me Feel Safe”

Every man wants to be the protector.

They want to feel like they protect their woman and that they’re strong.

You may be slightly independent and forget this sometimes.

But telling your boyfriend or husband that they make you feel safe will definitely ensure they feel good.

They can be the alpha male and boost his confidence.

In addition, it will also make him feel committed to you and that he should keep acting the same way towards you.

This may be displayed through simple actions such as holding your hand or putting his arm around your shoulder.

6. “Have You Been Working Out?”

Let’s be honest; we all want to look good for our partner.

This is particularly true for men if they feel body conscious.

But a good way to give their confidence a boost and make them feel good is by randomly asking them, “have you been working out?”.

This sounds like they’ve been building muscle and you’ve been observing them.

It can make them feel wanted and that you’re taking notice of their body in a good way.

This one is going to work particularly well if your man has been hitting the gym recently and sticking to his fitness plan.

It demonstrates that you like what you see and that you’re paying attention to them.

Even if they haven’t been working out recently, it can make them feel good and not in competition with other men.

7. “I Want You”

A lot of the time, it’s men that say what they like about a woman.

Often, this is not something that is reciprocated.

So, if you really want to capture your man’s attention and make him want you, tell him that you want him.

Men can be insecure just like women are and you can simply make them desire you again by telling them “I want you”.

It’ll make him feel like the only man in the world. You can reignite your flame and love story.

8. “I’m Yours Forever”

Is your man the jealous or overprotective type?

Perhaps he’s insecure around other men or is scared of losing you.

Either way, a good way to reassure your boyfriend or husband is by telling them “I’m yours forever”.

This is a powerful and strong statement that says you’re not interested in anyone else and you only want to be with him.

They’ll feel good and know that they don’t have any reason to feel under threat from anyone else.

This can help them focus on the relationship you’re in and for you to be passionate with each other.

9. “I Love You”

I’ve given you quite a few obsession phrases that have subtle meanings.

But why not keep it plain and simple?

Sometimes, all a man needs to hear is that you love them.

So, why not tell your partner, “I love you”?

This is the ultimate obsession phrase that is direct and meaningful.

It can have powerful meaning when it’s used in the right context and its strength is often underestimated.

These simple three words can show your man just how much he means to you.

It will remind him that you’re meant to be together and this reminder may be just what they need at the end of a stressful week.

It’s reassuring and will give your man confidence and security.

In particular, save your “I love you” for special occasions as it can be most powerful when it’s out of the blue.

Men are also more attracted to women that are confident and can express their feelings.

So, it’s time to start sharing them to make sure your man is obsessed with you.

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When Should You Use An Obsession Phrase?

There you have some examples of obsession phrases to use on a man.

But when is the best time to use them?

Well, this is ultimately going to be your decision and require some thought and what you’re trying to achieve.

But here are some situations that I think using obsession phrases might help in.

1. When You’re First Dating

When you’re going on dates with someone new, you’ve got to keep it interesting.

Sometimes, this means pulling out all the stops to build a relationship and get their attention.

If you want someone to commit, you can use obsession phrases.

They might be scared to ask you to be their girlfriend if they don’t think you’re interested.

But this is a good way to show that you are.

Alternatively, if someone isn’t sure if they want to commit, obsession phrases might help to sway their mind.

You don’t want to go over the top if you don’t know someone that well however, it can be a good way to build a connection.

Using obsession phrase to make him want you more.

2. When You’re Over the Honeymoon Phase

The beginning of a relationship is always special.

It’s exciting to be together and there is a lot of affection and love.

This is why it’s often called the honeymoon phase – you just can’t leave your boyfriend alone.

But after a while, the spark can start to fade.

This is not normally anyone’s fault, but sometimes both of you don’t make the same effort as you did before.

You’re in a comfortable and secure relationship.

But if you want to bring the passion and love back to your relationship, you can try out obsession phrases.

This might help to recapture your partner’s attention and remind them that you care.

Obsession phrases may be just what you need to bring you back to the honeymoon phase again.

3. When He’s Pulling Away

Is your boyfriend pulling away and acting distant?

Perhaps it’s time to give him a reminder of what you mean to him.

Obsession Phrases might be useful in your communication with your other half.

It can show them what they’re missing when they start to drift away from you.

Of course, you don’t want to be forceful.

But these are subtle phrases that can mean a lot.

It can make your boyfriend realize that you’re special and make them feel good.

You can always try some more mysterious ones to see if they work.

Don’t knock it until you try it!


It’s easy to forget that men can feel insecure and unwanted just like you can.

Of course, you don’t want your boyfriend or husband to feel this way.

So, one way you can avoid this is by using emotional trigger phrases.

They can help men feel loved and make sure they stay in love with you too.

Of course, you can try out some of the simple obsession phrases I have outlined above.

I think that they’re great to use at the right time.

So, if the spark has started to go off in your relationship, give them a go.

If you’re heading out on the 8th date and you want your man to commit, try out an obsession phase.

It’ll be up to you when and how you utilize an obsession phrase.

You should never write them off; you’ll be surprised how well they can work.

Think about how nice it would be to hear those words from your partner.

Using an obsession phrase can make your partner fall head over heels in love with you, whether they’re a new boyfriend or your husband of 10 years!

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