Text Chemistry Review: Will It Take Your “Text Game” To The Next Level?

A lot of relationships start out with a text message in today’s world.

Think about apps like Tinder – you swipe right on someone, start to talk to them, and the next thing you know, this is the start of a new relationship.

You soon find yourself having less to say to each other.

The only real conversation you have is when both you and your partner gets home after a long day at the office.

While this is good, as technology is really taking over the lives of many people today, staying in touch with your partner when they are not nearby can actually make them feel special, desired, and loved.

Even though thousands of relationships start out each day, another thousand come to an end.

People break up all the time, and this can be a truly unpleasant time in your life.

If you are facing a breakup that you did not expect, then you may not know what to do.

You try to reach out to your partner, yet nothing seems to work.

You are not alone – a lot of relationships end unexpectedly every day.

In many cases, you might have seen it coming on, but refused to accept what was going on.

This is exactly where Text Chemistry comes in.

In this Text Chemistry review, we are going to dig deeper into this program and see if the text “cheat sheet” developed by Amy North could be exactly what you need to get back into your relationship and prevent a breakup.


What Is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is still a relatively new program on the internet, but it has gained some popularity over a short period of time.

There are many people who have tried the program out before, so I decided to take a closer look at what the program is all about, what it offers, and whether or not it could be a helpful aid for people who are going through a rough time in their relationship.

text chemistry by amy northFirst off, the program is authored by a woman known as Amy North.

Amy is a professional who has been spending over a decade doing in-depth research on how relationships work, how the mind works when in love, and all of the related topics.

Over the years, she has learned a lot – not only from her research, but also from personal experience and, of course, by looking at how relationships all around her play out.

At one point in time, one of Amy’s friends were faced with a difficult situation.

Her boyfriend, who she had seen for more than a year, suddenly broke up with her – over a text message.

She was devastated.

Truth be told; however, Amy’s friend did kind of see this coming.

Things started to go south when a new woman started working at her boyfriend’s office.

Her boyfriend was constantly texting with this new employee.

The passion that Amy’s friend and her boyfriend once had was quickly fading away.

And the result was that one text message.

Amy decided to help out.

She gave her friend some advice – in the form of a very specific text message that she sent off to her boyfriend.

Moments later, her boyfriend called her and told her that she had to wait; he wanted to talk.

After that one text message, Amy’s friend got back with her boyfriend.

It was like he never wanted to break up at all.

Plus, they had more passion than ever before.

Her boyfriend started to desire her more-and-more with every text message that she sent him afterward.

Following this event, Amy decided to do more digging.

That one text message she composed had saved the relationship of her friend.

She started to develop more text messages and continued to help her friend.

Soon, she was helping others also get back the desire they wanted from their boyfriends and husbands.

The success led Amy to develop a complete program that focuses on text messages that can help to spark up more chemistry in a relationship.

The program really is for anyone who thinks their current relationship is lacking chemistry and passion.

Whether your relationship is on the verge of a breakup or you are still in it for the long run, and would just like to add more “spark” – the program gives you the exact same text messages that Amy’s friends used to get what they desired most in their relationships.

Everything is compiled into easy-to-follow modules.

The program comes as a downloadable PDF document, which also means there is no need to wait for anything to be delivered to you.

text chemistry program reviews

What Do You Get When You Buy Text Chemistry?

The primary item that you get when you do decide to buy access to the Text Chemistry program would be the book itself.

This is what we are focusing on in this Text Chemistry review and will, of course, be the most useful tool out of everything that you get from Amy after completing the checkout process.

Amy did not stop there, however.

To give you the best chance as spicing up your relationship and to ensure you get the maximum value for the money you spend on the program, Amy adds three additional bonuses.

You can download these bonuses along with the main eBook after you complete your purchase.

The bonus material includes:

  • Phone Game eBook
  • Why Men Leave eBook
  • Quality Men on Tinder eBook

These bonuses will help you understand why a lot of men decide to leave their loved one and break up a relationship.

You will also discover a few tips to help you make your partner desire you more with a single phone call.

And finally, the last bonus gives you some very useful tips that will help you better understand how to find “quality men” while browsing the Tinder platform.


Does Text Chemistry Work?

When searching for a Text Chemistry by Amy North review, the number one question that you may want to get answered through reading these reviews is whether or not the program works.

Spending just a couple of minutes on the official landing page gives you a complete overview of why the author decided to write the guide, but many of the statements that she shares with you on this page seems a bit unrealistic.

Winning back a partner at that moment where he breaks up with you by simply sending him one single text message – that is a statement that seems a bit overestimated for most people.

Luckily, by doing some research, you will be able to find a couple of reviews for the program by people who tried it out before.

By taking a look at these reviews, you will be able to get a better understanding of what you should expect – and also find out how the text messages have helped other people.

Amy does share a couple of testimonies that she received from clients on the product’s landing page too.

These can also give you an idea of how the program has helped some of the previous customers who decided to buy into this particular program.

The best way to find out if the program would work for you is to try it out yourself.

It comes with a guarantee and Amy will give you a full refund if you are not happy with her program.

Thus, you get an opportunity to read through everything that Amy has to say in the guide and decide if you wish to implement them in your own life.

You can try the text messages on your partner and see if it helps.

Everyone will really have their own unique experience with these, as no two individuals will respond to something like this in the exact same way.

text chemistry

What Are The Pros Of Text Chemistry?

I’ve looked at a few things that you get with the Text Chemistry program, considered what people are saying in Text Chemistry program reviews, and I considered what exactly the program gives you.

Now, let’s take a quick moment to consider some of the benefits that you may get from the program.

When looking at possible benefits, you might get out of the Text Chemistry program, and you should take into account the fact that every relationship is different.

Any problems that you and your partner might be experiencing at the moment is unique to the two of you.

Even though there are some “general” things that can go wrong in a relationship, every situation still has a few unique points.

Thus, each person may have their own series of pros that they get from the program, but we are going to take a look at some of the more general benefits that everyone can expect.

  • The entire program was compiled into a very convenient PDF format. This is a digital document that you can download immediately after you decided to buy the product. You also do not have to worry about paying extra fees for shipping, and you won’t be waiting weeks for a book to be delivered to your shipping address.
  • Due to the fact that the program is available in a digital format on the internet, it means you can gain access to the content that is provided by Amy no matter where you are. With physical products, shipping restrictions often limited the availability of a product. This is not the case with the Text Chemistry program at all.
  • If you do not like the content you read, or the text messages that you send to your partner does not change the way he feels about you, then you can take advantage of a satisfaction guarantee that Amy offers you with the purchase of the program. This means you can get all of the money you spent back if you are not entirely satisfied with the results you achieve.
  • There are multiple modules that you get access to when you buy the Text Chemistry program. Each module has been carefully developed by an expert in relationships in order to help you overcome specific issues that you may be having in your relationship at the moment.
  • The program has helped some people save a broken relationship – for example, Amy developed these text messages to help out a friend, whose boyfriend broke up with her. After using the texts, they got back together and had more passion in their relationship than before.
  • There is only a one-time payment to get access to the entire system. This is a significant advantage over some alternative programs that charge monthly fees.
  • When you decide to buy the Text Chemistry program, you also gain access to a number of bonus ebooks and documents that will give you even more value for the money that you are about to spend.


does amy north text chemistry work

What Are The Cons Of Text Chemistry?

Overall, the Text Chemistry program has yielded great results among people who have tried it in the past.

It is, however, important that we consider any potential cons or drawbacks that you may find when you do decide to get your hands on the program.

Of course, with any program like this, it is crucial that you understand not everyone will have the same results.

You may hear from a friend who had great results using these text messages, but you may not have the same experience.

The reviews that you find on the official landing page that explains what Text Chemistry is about, maybe real – but this only account for scenarios where people were able to get a positive outcome.

The fortunate factor that comes in here is the fact that Text Chemistry comes with a very useful money-back guarantee.

The author of the program promises that you will experience a significant improvement in the passion of your relationship.

She explains that by using these text messages, your partner will desire you more and only think of you.

If you find that these promises are not effectively delivered upon by the author, then you can take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee – this way, you will not lose any of the money you have spent.

There is one of possible drawback that I also want to address here – and that would be the fact that some of the text messages and phrases that Amy advises you to send to your partner may be a bit daring.

It may place you outside of your “comfort zone,” and this may not be something that everyone is comfortable with.

Carefully consider if these are some steps that you are willing to take to possibly save your relationship.

How Can You Get Your Hands On The Text Chemistry Program?

When looking to buy the program so that you can try it for yourself and see if Amy’s advice could help your relationship, you should first note that you are not going to find the book on the shelves at any local store.

The author of the program decided to publish it as an electronic product.

This cuts out costs needed to actually print anything and also means there is no waiting time for shipping and delivery of the system.

Instead, if you want to try out these text messages on your partner, you can get instant access to everything that is included in the Text Chemistry program directly after you make a purchase.

To get your hands on the program, you simply need to visit the official Text Chemistry landing page.

There is a video that you can watch if you would like to find out more about how the program works and what you should expect when you do decide to proceed with the purchase.

A complete sales letter is also available that explains the story behind the development of these text “secrets.”

Read through everything on the page to see if you might want to dig into the book and see what Amy has to offer you.

Once you are ready, you simply scroll down to the “Add To Cart” button.

Click on this button and then complete a simple checkout process.

Verify that you enter the correct email address.

After entering your payment details and paying for your order, you will be sent an email that gives you access to all the content that comes included with the program.

Follow the link in this email to download the main eBook that reveals everything that the Text Chemistry program is all about.

You will also be able to download the additional bonuses that Amy decided to give you when you follow the link that is emailed to you.


text chemistry review


How Much Does Text Chemistry Cost?

Programs that focus on providing relationship advice and tips on this particular topic can be quite costly sometimes.

Amy North spent quite a lot of time doing research in order to produce this entire program that gives you the exact same text message “secrets” that she used herself and that she provided with friends and colleagues – and they yielded positive results every time.

Amy is also a professional who specializes in relationship advice, which further gave her the potential to develop successful strategies that can help you.

When Amy first released the Text Chemistry program, she charged a fee of $349 for access.

After the huge success that she saw people had with her program, she wanted to make it more accessible to those who are struggling to keep their relationships alive.

Amy understands just how awful a breakup can be, after all.

This led to a reduction in the price to gain access to the entire program.

When you take action today, you will only be paying a one-time payment of $49.95.

There are no additional payments that will be requested from you.

Once the payment has been made, you gain full access to all of the secrets that Amy reveals in Text Chemistry.

It should be noted here that the money you spend on this program is actually protected as well.

Amy is willing to give you up to 60 days to give the program a try.

Once you have completed the purchase and downloaded the ebook that comes as part of the program, start reading through it.

Implement the tips that Amy shares. Start using these “secret” text messages – sent them to your partner.

See how he responds.

If you like what you see, then continue using them.

If they do not seem to be working for your particular case, then get in touch with Amy – she will give you a full refund on the purchase if you are not 100% happy with what she had offered you as part of her Text Chemistry program.


Breakups happen all the time and sometimes for small reasons.

A loss of passion in a relationship is one particularly common reason why people break up.

Two people start to grow apart from each other, and the next moment, one of them decides to end the relationship.

In this Text Chemistry review, we looked at how a program that introduces you to a few text messages that you could use might be able to help bring back that desire you are longing for in your relationship.

I considered the pros and cons of the program and looked at how you can grab a copy of the program to see if the text messages would be able to help bring back the desire and passion to your own relationship.

If you’re ready to take your ‘text game’ to the next level, grab Text Chemistry at the official website here.

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