10 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You (Get Him Hooked)

Have you ever liked someone so much you want nothing but to talk to him all day long?

He is always in your mind and he is all that you think about.

You can’t help yourself but to text him.

This is why when he suddenly doesn’t reply to you, you panic!

You stress out thinking about why he has suddenly gone missing.

You forget that he has a life outside of you and that he has work, family and everything else.

You want to make him stick to you.

You want him to want you the way you want him.

You want your feelings to be reciprocated just like everyone else.

How do you get him to want you back when you do not even know what he is doing?

He disappeared on you and now you are unsure of your place in his life.

Most women would think of giving him hints to make him realize you want him.

However, reading signs are not in their forte.

So, how do you reach out to him?

What about text messages that will make him want you?

Maybe you should consider it to get him where you want him to be.

Here are some text messages that you ought to consider sending him to get his interest back.

1. “I’m sure you’ll be successful one day”

You want to be his motivation because if you are, he will surely miss you when you are not round.

People like having positivity in their lives and maybe you can be just that to him.

They want you to be there for them to cheer them up.

Be updated and realize just how much they hate women that always bring in drama into their lives.

Stop creating unnecessary problems because he already has his own.

Be someone who can cheer him up when he is down.

In the case that you have not talked to him for quite some time, but he has a big event coming in, you want to make sure to text him good luck.

Believe in him or at least show him that you do.

A single text can turn the tables around.

Encourage him and show him that he has you.

The only way this can backfire is if he does not learn to appreciate you.

However, if that happens, then you’d easily know that he does not deserve you.

2. “I miss cuddling with you”

Guys are mostly big with affection and touching.

They love it when they are able to make a physical connection with you.

This is certainly a text that will make him want you because it says you want to be with him.

Though guys hate women who are too clingy, they love being remembered.

Cuddling does not always mean being sexual, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You don’t need to cross the line just because of that, just go with what you currently feel.

Cuddling can also bring him the comfort that he needs.

This type of message gives him a good reason to call you when he needs you as well.

3. “I wish you were here with me/ I wish we get to see each other soon”

Most of the time, honesty works just fine so you should give it a try.

Stop beating around the bush and instead, let him know that you really want to see him as soon as possible.

Guys tend to be clueless about things so you might as well say it upfront.

Do not give him mixed signals and just go straight to the point.

By doing this, you are most likely to get a straight-forward answer as well, so you’d know if he wants to see you or not.

Give truth because it will produce the truth too.

Some guys feel as insecure as you do.

Make him feel more confident about himself and believe it or not, he will want you even more.

4. “Don’t forget to go to the doctor later”

You feel sad because he has not been replying to you at all.

You have been hurt a lot because you feel he is too busy to even talk to you.

However, he is not playing around, he really is busy.

Instead of being worried and texting him all the time, respect his schedule instead and support it well.

If you wanted to text him something but you remembered he has important things to do, remind him about it instead.

How about sending him something considering his feelings?

This should do much better than sending him something about how you feel about things.

Don’t forget to be kind and being generous never hurts as well.

Be the one who will be there for him when he needs someone with him.

This is going to give you a lot of extra points in his books.

Do not worry, if he feels the same way as you do because you will surely get rewarded for this.

5. “I feel good when I’m with you”

Text messages that will make him want you aren’t something that should be too serious or long.

Reassuring him you need him and that you like him should be quite good enough.

Let him know exactly how you feel about him.

Clear up where you both stand with each other.

Do not doubt what you have between the two of you so that there would be not much confusion.

Guys, though they do not like to admit it, actually like hearing that they are loved.

Just because they are portrayed as manly does not mean they do not like being fluffy and cheesy with you.

Truth is, they are as soft as women emotionally and they love romance as much as you probably do.

Women learning how to text her man that will make him want her.

6. “Remember when…”

There is something good about recalling some old memories.

They can be as fun as you want them to be and it will surely make him miss you.

The moment he begins missing you is the moment he will decide that he needs to see you again.

Remind him of all the good times you had together.

Memories bring comfort in your relationship and it helps out a lot when there are so many problems at hand.

It should both make you feel good about it knowing you spent so much memories together.

This also lets him know that you are not taking him for granted.

This will surely make him want you, knowing you care for him and remember him well.

Your goal is to make more memories with him in the long run.

7. “Call me when you can”

Sending him a text like this shows how considerate you are.

It also shows that you are assertive and considerate enough.

This lets him know how much you want to talk to him and at the same time that you are always thinking about his welfare as well.

It shows class and as a woman, you want to exude that.

This is basically something that is definitely a win-win situation for you.

You get to talk to him and at the same time, he will surely recognize your effort too.

8. “I admire your determination”

Subtle messages aren’t going to work with most guys so you might as well be straight up with him.

Let him know exactly what you are talking about instead of trying to subtly get to it.

If his determination is something you admire, then go ahead and tell him.

Let him know you feel that way.

This will surely make his day when he reads it.

He will realize that all this time, you have been looking his way.

And he will surely want you to be with him to show you how much he appreciates it.

It might look cheesy to you, but it will surely touch his heart.

“I’m just here for you”

When words fail, all you can do is just listen to him.

You do not even have to reply; you just have to let him know that you will be there.

Let him know you are willing to lend your ears.

You should make him realize that if you need him, you’re willing to put him first.

After all, relationships are about giving and take, you don’t always just keep taking.

With that said, it would be good to make sure not to act up and let him take his moment.

This shows that you are more mature than what you seem.

Considering his feelings is something that you must absolutely do.

10. “I miss you. Just letting you know”

You wanted to make him want you and what better way to do that than to let him know you miss him.

Tell him straight away that you want to be around him, and he will feel the same.

It will probably make him think of all the times he had his arms around you.

This will make him realize that you are indeed someone he wants to be with all the time.

He will surely not hesitate to say it back and let you know that he feels exactly the same.

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The Don’ts Of Sending This Text Messages

After knowing some of the texts that you can try to tell him, you should also know what not to do.

These are the things that you should definitely avoid, something that you really ought not to try out.

These definite no-nos are the ones you need to keep in mind if you want to make him keep wanting you.

Writing Too Much

There is a saying that goes like this, ‘less is more’ and it is actually right.

You do not have to write a lot to get him to want you back.

Instead, you should really write little and make him wonder what you want to say.

Don’t write long essays to show your love because it will bore him.

Keep them short, sexy and a little flirty.

Better yet, make it ambiguous so that you will be a mystery.

Believe it or not, guys love mysteries.

Do Not Force Conversations

As they all say, love is all about getting the right timing.

That is right and the same can be said when it comes to conversations.

Things are all about knowing when to end the conversation.

Make sure that you know how to gauge things.

If he replies too late, maybe he has had enough socializing for the day, and it is time to stop.

You must learn not to force your conversation any further because it will just backfire on you.

Wrap things up fast and then leave him wanting to get more of you.

Don’t Wait For Him To Initiate

Do not believe it when people tell you that you ought to wait out for him.

No, this is no longer the era wherein you have to let him make the first move.

Instead, you should be confident enough in yourself and text him instead.

There is no rule saying men don’t like women who initiate things.

In fact, they might just like it a lot.

This is why you should learn the act of flattering them through texts.

Text him something that is attention-grabbing.

Make him see you in a different type of light as well.

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All in all, there are so many different things that you can text him in order to make him want you.

But the bottom line is that you need to make him realize that you like him.

To do this, it would be best to be as straightforward as you can be.

Men don’t take subtle hints very well so telling him head-on will be for the best.

Do not be afraid to start the conversation and to give out compliments too.

Make him feel special so that he will miss you when you are not around.

The moment he starts missing you is also the moment he will start wanting you.

These are just some of the ways you can do it through text, but you can still discover so much more.

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