The Devotion System Review: Will It Make Him Fall for You?

Love is a battlefield, as the saying goes.

When searching for a healthy, loving relationship that’s full of passion and intrigue, you will have to face many trials and tribulations.

You have probably had your heart broken.

You’ve felt the heartbreak of betrayal and sting of rejection.

You can really become disheartened by every failed relationship or unrequited love.

It breaks your self-esteem and makes you wonder if there even is a “one” for you.

There may be hope for you yet!

There is an ebook available that could help you to avoid the terrible outcomes that are found in the paragraph above.

This ebook could be a game changer when it comes to relationships.

The ebook was written by a self-proclaimed, relationship expert named Amy North.

It is The Devotion System, and it’s meant to help women that are currently searching for that big love.

The love that they will spend the rest of her life with.

What is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is an online course.

A collection of videos and writings that will teach you new techniques.

These techniques will assist you with your dating ventures.

The Devotion System by Amy North comes with a sixty day, money back guarantee.

That means you are entitled to a full refund if the system doesn’t seem to work for you.

If you buy now, the system is being sold at a reduced rate of forty-eight dollars!

You are probably thinking about the price and wondering if the system is worth it.

I’m hoping to answer that question.

Continue reading for The Devotion System Review.

Use the review to make an informed decision in purchasing The Devotion System today.

What Is It That Women Want?

Many women spend their youth seeking true love.

We are raised to think that love means everything.

That love is everything.

Movies and television shows help us to develop an image of what love is supposed to be.

More often than not, the image that they show us is a man falling for a woman’s great looks.

If the man doesn’t fall for her looks, he is likely saving her.

While doing so he devotes himself to her.

A lifetime of princes and true love’s kisses leave us with a yearning.

Women yearn for an all-consuming love that will wrap them in an envelope of happiness and security.

So what happens when a man falls short?

What happens when what we want doesn’t seem attainable?

Should we just give up?

Amy North doesn’t seem to think so.

She aims to teach women how to make a man give them what they want and fill their emotional needs.

What Is The “Devotion Sequence”?

The “Devotion Sequence” is the main tool in “The Devotion System.”

The sequence is the basis for the entire system.

This sequence is connected to every other aspect of the Devotion System.

It is a sequence of words that connects a man to you.

This arrangement of words will stir feelings in him of singular devotion to you.

It will happen immediately after you speak the specific sequence of words.

You can make any man you wish for wrap himself around your little finger.


Who Is The Devotion System Meant For?

The system is meant for women of any age, culture, or type of beauty.

The system can help you utilize your femininity to ensnare the hearts of men.

This system is especially good for women who have been taken advantage of or wronged, by a man or multiple men.

The Devotion System by Amy North will allow you to see your own beauty and understand your worth.

It will allow you to make men see it too.

Though the system is meant for all women, it is most popular with single women.

The system is easiest to implement if you are single.

Single women are flocking to the eBook because their heartbreak is current and they are searching for a way to end the cycle.

You can be prettier than a supermodel, or not, and the system will still work for you.

According to Amy, it doesn’t matter if you are average.

Men will still treat you like a woman worthy of worship if you apply the techniques and teachings of the Devotion System.


When Can You Utilize The Devotion System?

Amy North’s Devotion System can be used in so many different situations.

You don’t have to be in your early twenties to make the system work.

You can be any age, at any level in your current relationship, or even single.

Here are a few different situations where the devotion system can be utilized.

  1. A single woman has a crush on a friend of a friend. He is known for playing the field. He has yet to settle down with any woman. How could she get him to settle down with her?

  2. After a couple has broken up and the woman still has strong feelings for the man. She may not want to move on. Can she make him come crawling back?

  3. The passion has been long gone for a married couple. They can’t seem to rekindle the passionate flame that they once had. Is it possible for them to be passionate again after all that time?

  4. When a twenty-something-year-old man begins to pull away from his long-term girlfriend and their relationship. He has become bored and wants something new and unique. Can his girlfriend recapture his affections?

  5. Two friends have been flirting with each other for years, but neither has ever taken the first step towards a relationship. Can she convince him to take that first step?

  6. A couple seems to have the perfect relationship. They’ve been together forever and seem completely enthralled by each other. So why hasn’t there been a proposal?

Amy’s system can help in all of these scenarios.

She has included so many different techniques and tips with the Devotion System that you can find help for almost any situation you find yourself in.

Who Is Amy North & Why Is She Qualified to Teach You?

Amy North is the creator of The Devotion System.

She has created a three-part video and three exclusive guides.

These videos and guides will assist you in gaining the upper hand in the relationships you pursue with men.

She created this system after being blindsided by her boyfriend and her best of friends.

The Devotion System Review

She had shared intimate information with her best friend.

She had sought solace in her advice.

How could her friend betray her?

Amy was in love with her boyfriend and she caught him in bed with her friend.

Like most women, Amy was broken-hearted by the incident.

Amy refused to date another player or loser, that would do something so selfish.

She used her heartbreak as fuel and devoted years to relationship research.

She used the research to ensure that she would never be that hurt, ever again.

Then, Amy decided to turn all of her research into a system to help women around the world protect their hearts and find love.

Amy was also a dating coach before creating the Devotion System.

She was able to get inside the brains of the men she worked with to hear their side of things.

The information she uncovered is put to use in the Devotion System.

She uses insider knowledge to help other women understand the minds of men,

The Roots Of The Devotion System

Amy North’s Devotion System is based on scientific discoveries of the male and female brains.

She used the writings of Harvard professionals and read hundreds of online dating guides before applying the techniques in the Devotion System to situations in her own life.

After she has seen the results of her findings, she created The Devotion System.

The roots of the Devotion System are scientifically based and proved through observation.

What Does The Devotion System Include?

The Devotion System review is here to provide you with all of the information you need.

Amy North’s system does the same by providing six different parts to her Devotion System.

All of them are included in her exclusively priced package.

Three different collections of videos to help you work through Amy’s techniques.

  1. The Devotion System- Part One

  2. The Devotion System- Part Two

  3. The Devotion System- Part Three

Three written works to guide you through online dating, texting, and making him exclusively yours.

  1. “Find Your Soulmate Online”

  2. “Make Him Loyal Forever”

  3. “Textual Chemistry”

One of the best inclusions of the Devotion System is the three adaptive quizzes.

Amy includes the quizzes to make sure you understand what she’s trying to teach you.

You can use your results to make sure you’re following along with the key elements of each part of the system.


The Devotion System: Steps One Through Three

The three parts to The Devotion System are based on three key steps to controlling a man’s feelings for you.

You will learn to implement the three steps throughout the collections of videos split into the three parts of the Devotion System.

By the time you complete the three steps, the man you’ve set your sights on will be devoted to you forever.

Step #1

Forget Everything You Know About Men– Male and female brains work differently. That can make it hard for women to understand men. Women honestly don’t know how male brains process information. So accept that! Their emotional processing center takes time to process their emotions, so it’s possible that they don’t even understand how they feel.

Step #2

Make Sure He Knows That You Don’t Rely On Him for Everything– Make him wonder if you are interested. He should have to work for it. If he knows that you don’t need him, he will feel like he has to make you want him.

Step #3

Use The Special Words To Plant The Seed of Devotion In His Heart and Mind– This is where that devotion sequence fits into the three steps. The sequence will plant the seed of devotion in his mind and cause it to blossom into a deep commitment to you.

The Secrets & Techniques Of The Devotion System

The series also contains dating secrets that Amy has uncovered over years of thorough research.

Some of the secrets the system will teach you includes the following.

  • “Love Buzz Mindset” technique- This technique will make a man feel like he needs you in his life forever.
  • “Forever Attraction” technique- “Forever Attraction” will bring passionate feelings, like lust, to the surface of your man’s brain.
  • “Language of Love” technique- Use this technique to make your desired man see that you are the only woman for him.
  • “Cat String Concept”– The concept will keep your man from losing interest by making him continue to chase you.
  • How to tell if he’s husband material or a player in less than five minutes– A valuable skill for any women, but especially those prone to dating the bad guys.
  • “Inner Marilyn” technique- You will begin to see yourself in a new light and so will everyone else when you implement this technique.
  • “Monogamy Message” technique- The man you have your sights on will only have his sights set on you if you send him this message.
  • “Love Refreshment” technique- Use this technique when a relationship is over. It will refresh the previous feelings.
  • “Marriage Maker Line”– This line will remove any doubts or worries about whether you are the woman he wants for the rest of his life.

The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews

What Are The Specific Benefits Of The Devotion System?

The system seems to have a bundle of benefits for the women who choose to implement it.

Many of them are romantically beneficial.

A few of them are personally beneficial to you.

The Devotion System will improve your dating life in the following ways.

  • You will have the upper hand in your future relationships.
  • Helps you avoid a broken heart.
  • Allows you to get what you want and need out of your relationships.
  • Teaches you to understand and read a man’s mind.
  • Gives you the power to ignite or reignite the passion in your relationship.

The Devotion System will help you personally by:

  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Teaches you to see your own beauty and self-worth.
  • Allows you to feel powerful and in control.


The Ways In Which The Devotion System Acts As A Relationship Guide

Amy North has created The Devotion System to be the ultimate relationship guide.

The secrets and techniques in her system are often viewed as tricks.

These “tricks” are attempts to bridge the communication issues that exist between men and women.

How exactly does The Devotion System compare to a relationship guide?

  • Addresses common problems women have in their relationships.
  • Attempts to remove the miscommunication that exists in most relationships.
  • Guides women through the stormy waters blocking them from finding a successful relationship.
  • Helps women determine which guys are “marriage material.”
  • Gives advice on where to find your potential partner.
  • Provides tips for online dating and texting.
  • Teaches you ways to use passion to further your relationship in a healthy way.

Reviews On The Devotion System

Are There Cons for The Devotion System?

There are three potential cons that come to mind.

The system requires an investment of time and patience.

The second is that it can be costly.

The final con is the lack of a hard copy.

  1. Requires Large Amounts of Time and Patience -Like any other process you could use to improve your relationship, The Devotion System will take time. It will take time to listen to the videos and read through the text. The system will also take time to implement, and perfect.
  1. Is The Devotion System Too Costly? – The Devotion System is normally sold for around three hundred dollars. That is a bit costly. When considering the special event pricing, it’s a lot more affordable. Making this the perfect time to give the system a try.
  2. There Are Only Digital Copies Available – Some people prefer hard copies over digital versions. So this could be a con, depending on your reading preference.

How Is The Devotion System Different From All Other Dating Guides?

Amy’s system differs from other dating guides because of a few reasons.

The Devotion System is unique and has considerable differences from other dating advice. Let’s go over them.

  1. It Will Cost You– Amy is charging for her system because she knows what it’s worth. The best things in life don’t come cheap. You can find free dating advice all over the internet. Does that mean it will work?
  2. A Woman Created It– Are you tired of old men giving you advice on how to date men? The devotion system was written by a woman for women.
  3. It’s More Than Just Theories– The system will explain different techniques and provide you with the reasoning behind it. The most valuable piece of information included? That would be the implementation of the theory.
  4. The System Encourages You to Make the Changes– How many times have you heard the saying, “boys will be boys”? Are you tired of hearing it yet? Most dating guides run with this idea that men don’t change, that they are the way they are. Amy’s system doesn’t work like that. In fact, it’s the opposite of it! Amy’s system encourages YOU to change the way HE feels. Isn’t that refreshing?
  5. It Actually Might Work– The Devotion System is so different from traditional dating techniques and guides, that it might actually work!

The Devotion System Reviews

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Copy Of The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is only available as an ebook, so there is no need to wait.

When you decide to participate in the Devotion System, you will have your copy instantly.

Simply download your copy and begin reading.

There is no waiting for a delivery, or possibly missing the delivery because you were not at home.

With the click of a few buttons, the system will be available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Reviews On The Devotion System

Search, “The Devotion System by Amy North Reviews,” and you will find hundreds of available reviews.

You can read through them all, both the good and the bad.

However, the only way you will ever know if the Devotion System really works is by trying it.

You can’t take anyone else’s word for it.

You have to read it, learn it, and apply it in your own life.

Read the devotion system reviews, if you have to, and you will read posts like this.

  • “Works like Magic!”
  • “Can’t believe I’ve finally found the man of my dreams!”
  • “I’m currently in a successful long-term relationship. I never thought it could happen!”
  • “I feel so much more confident when dating. Thank you so much, Amy!”


The Potential

The Devotion System gives you the potential to create your own fairytale.

Remember those movies and television shows we were discussing?

You can create your own real-life movie with the Devotion System.

The techniques give you the power to mold your relationship into the fairytale romance that you’ve been dreaming of.

The system’s potential is insurmountable.

You could have the man of your dreams on your terms.

He could literally be the man you’ve been dreaming of.

Final Thoughts: Does The Devotion System Actually Work?

The Devotion System will work if you work it.

You can’t just purchase the system and hope for the best.

You will have to put the time into the system.

Read through it as many times as it takes for you to understand it.

Watch the videos more than once if you need to.

You can’t just do what Amy tells you and expect it to work.

You have to understand why it will work and utilize the information accordingly.

Amy North will provide you with the opportunity, it is your job to seize that opportunity and use it to make changes in your own love life.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your love life, you can get the full program at the official website here.

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