What To Text A Guy To Get His Attention (Memes, Selfies & More)

There’s this guy, and somehow, since you met him, all you want is to get his attention.

He is quite handsome, someone well suited to your taste.

He is kind, and you just want that kindness to be all yours.

He seems interesting, and he seems quite worth your time.

So, you want to let him know that you are interested in him.

Or better yet, you want him to be interested in you.

You want a fast reply to your text.

You want to grab him away from whatever he is doing, but you don’t know what to text a guy to get his attention.

But don’t worry, it’s normal not to know, especially if this is your first time trying.

Do not think about it too much.

The problem may be that you just don’t know what to say to keep the conversation going or keeping him hooked.

Finding the right words to tell him how you feel can be quite hard at times.

It is harder, especially when you don’t want to seem desperate for his attention to.

So, you worry about what to tell him; you can’t speak your mind properly.

You are just human, and it’s okay to feel this way.

You have got the right to feel this way.

But do him and yourself a favor and take the initiative this time around.

If you’re still not confident enough in yourself and are having doubts, calm down.

Don’t worry, because here are some texts that you can try sending him.

“Good morning, I hope you have the best day today!”

This type of text is a mood setter, and it will definitely make him smile.

What better way is there than to grab his attention from the start of the day?

After all, the mornings are the best time of the day.

You want him to think of you first thing when he wakes up.

When he sees this and when he checks his phone, he will surely smile at this.

You want to make him happy, and this is one way to do it.

You will be the first person to enter his mind as he reads this text message.

Thus, you will be in his thoughts early in the morning.

Rest assured, he will definitely reply to you.

“I have a problem…. I can’t help but think of you.”

Sometimes, being bold is good.

You should say what your thoughts are.

It is not as bad as you possibly think it is.

Most likely, it is a good thing because you get to be honest with him.

Nothing has ever been wrong about being honest.

At the same time, this line also sounds a bit flirty, and that might exactly be what you need.

It is good when a man knows how he stands in your life.

You want him to realize that you are interested and this surely says just that.

“Want to come over? I have all of your favorites, including me.”

An implied seduction has never been bad at all.

In fact, it is going to make him realize that he is wanted.

You want to let your man feel that you want him.

You want to make him feel that you desire him.

There is nothing wrong with adding some words like these at times.

Just figure out when is the right time to say it.

Life is all about trying to find the right timing, after all.

“Getting a message from you makes me smile.”

The thing with men is that they are actually simple creatures.

Sometimes, you just need to send a sweet and sappy text.

They appreciate the small things that you do.

It wouldn’t hurt to try and woo them too.

Make them feel like they are special for you.

Without a doubt, a sweet message out of nowhere is surely bound to grab his attention.

“I’ve got butterflies in my stomach whenever we talk.”

Yes, something romantic like this will not automatically make a guy flee.

Though this seems opposed to what most people think about, you really should try it out.

Instead of flight response, it might make him put his attention on you.

It is going to make him curious about how you really feel for him.

Making him interested is one way of making sure you will have his attention.

For now, that should be all that matters, so you really don’t have to worry so much about it.

“Sweet dreams, make sure to include me in it.”

A good night greeting exactly answers your question on what to text a guy to get his attention.

It is bound to make him feel good because you remembered him.

Like girls, guys love it when you remember them at times like this.

If you keep this constantly, it might get boring, so you might as well spice it up a bit.

Try different variations of this text, depending on your mood.

“Want to hang out later? You surely won’t have any regrets.”

This is one of the methods on how to get a guy’s attention through text.

Make him feel like he would regret it if he doesn’t.

This kind of thing will surely get you the interaction that you want.

This would make him wonder what it is that you have to offer to him.

It will make his imagination run wild, and you should be ready for it.

But don’t feel pressured to make any sexual advancement and just give what you can.

“Hey, I wanted to let you know, you looked good in that shirt.”

Compliments also ought to do the trick at times.

You see, everyone loves to be complimented even when they say they don’t.

Don’t you feel nice when someone notices what you did or what you wore?

There is something about being noticed and being given attention that makes you feel good.

This is a good conversation starter as well, so go get it!

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7 Other Forms Of Messages You Can Send Him

The previous one-liner texts I’ve given can get him to put his attention on you.

However, there are so much more that you can try out.

As the ones above are specifics, here are some vague ones you can check for yourself.

As long as your text falls into any of these categories, then you should be just fine.

1. Memes

With the modern times that we are living in right now, this should be a good thing to check out.

One of the greatest inventions of the internet is memes.

They make things a whole lot more casual.

You do not want to come off way too eager.

What you want is to make him think you’re funny.

This is what memes are best for, coming out to be funny and yet being able to convey what you want to say.

2. Relevant Texts

You do not want to make your guy feel like you are not listening to him.

Do not divert from the topic of your conversation to the point that you miss the target.

If you were texting to someone from school, then you can easily text him about homework or a project you both have in common.

If you are to talk to someone from work, then you might bring up something about that.

This is a good starter, and from there on, you can drag in into something longer.

3. Movies Or TV Shows

Without a doubt, this is a good way to keep things interesting.

With this, you can get to know him better.

This is also a potential thing to bond over later on.

It can be your favorite movie or TV show.

It can also be the one that you just saw over a commercial that piqued your interest.

Anything under the sun should be plausible, and it should keep your conversations livelier.

4. OMG

This is a simple phrase that has so much impact at the same time.

Truly, this is something that is very effective.

Three letters but have so many meanings and interpretation at the same time.

Believe it or not, he is going to reply to you because it is very intriguing.

After getting his attention, you can easily tell him anything you want.

You can tell him about your day or a book you read a few hours ago.

You can tell him about the weird thing you realized today or a memory from the past.

5. Reminisce Down Memory Lane

If it so happens that this guy is already someone whom you’ve been close with, in the past, you can bring back some memories.

Don’t bring up a boring conversation but something interesting.

For example, talk about some interest he confessed a while ago or that movie that you both watched together.

Who knows, it might even become a chance to get a date for the two of you.

Memories are something that people hold very dear to heart.

This is why they are something that is very fun to talk about, as well.

6. Things That Reminded You Of Him

You were at the grocery store when you saw a bag of Cheetos.

Suddenly, you remembered him because it is his favorite snack.

This should be a good enough thing to start a conversation with.

Or maybe you saw something funny on the way home, and you want to let him know.

There are a lot of things that you can use in order to get him interested enough to put his attention on you.

You can also add in some photos in order to get his attention much easier.

7. Flirty Selfie

Well, this one does not need to be something scandalous like a nude.

It can be something cute with a flirty smile.

Just try to keep things a bit sexy and quite mysterious at the same time.

Show him how you look like, how you dressed up for today and ask him how he thinks of it.

This ought to give a reaction from him.

Show him just how lovely you can look and believe it or not; he will take this bait.

Let confidence boost out from you, let it ooze out, and you will get what you want.

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The Don’ts Of Texting That Will Definitely Make Him Ignore You

After quite a few things on what you should text him, specifics, and vague ones at that, it is time to know the opposite.

Here are the definite no-no’s when it comes to texting him.

No To Paragraphs

Getting his attention may be hard but don’t resort to serious things.

By that, don’t do things in paragraph form.

Keep things playful and a bit light.

Serious conversations should be discussed personally and not on text messages.

Make sure to keep things happy and flirty over texts.

The fewer characters, the better it is when you are trying to get his attention on you.

No Consecutive Texting

Besides the fact that this makes you look too eager to talk to him; it can put him off.

Imagine if you are in the middle of something important and someone sudden texts you consecutively.

This can be a bother, and you don’t want to be that to him.

This is why it is great if you can opt to just send him a single text and wait for his reply.

Don’t worry because if you texted him something right, he would reply sooner or later.

Don’t Lie

Do not make something up just to get his attention.

It just isn’t worth the effort to think about what to lie about.

Stick to honesty because that always works out for the best.

There is no need to lie about who you are.

Final Thoughts

These are just some tips that you can try out to text him in order to catch his attention.

In the end, the decision is still up to you.

What you do and what you choose to try out should be the best thing indeed.

Just act exactly how you want because if he is really interested, you will attract his attention no matter what you plan to do.

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